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Bachelor Degree in Management

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Akademii Humanistyczno-Ekonomicznej w Łodzi

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The Innovative Management for Business Development
Bachelor degree in management


The essential thing in starting and managing a company, an institution or an organization is to make bright business decisions, regardless of an occupation. The programme of the Management Department is addressed to students interested in enhancing skills and competences in the field of entrepreneurship and management, who want to be successful in business and financial institutions.



Growing demands of the free-market economy are causing the need for better-educated managers and executives. The Innovative Management for Business Development specialization that we introduce give a unique opportunity to acquire skills and competencies important for to a career as a professional manager. Students will have trained in creative and innovative thinking ways allowing them to efficient movement on all matters related to the local and international markets. Studies focus on the acquisition of practical skills in analysis and problem solving at management level, a creative approach, efficient planning and project work which have the effect in taking accurate, strategic decisions

Graduates will develop a variety of skills including interpersonal competencies, coaching, team and project work, project management, customer relations, creative thinking information and finance flows between market operators.

Graduates will be able to perform a managerial role at any level within business enterprises operating in a commercial environment and non-profit organizations, in the private and public sectors.

Our program is addressed to all interested in enhancing personal competencies in making acute business choices, regardless of position.

Graduate destination areas

  • marketing, human resources, finance,
  • business organizations and local government institutions,
  • enterprises and institutions at the position of a high- or middle-ranking manager,
  • foreign and international institutions connected with business,
  • research and development institutions,
  • consulting agencies,
  • education


Participation in The Innovative Management for Business Development programme results in acquiring Bachelor degree in Management. With this widely recognized diploma you may develop your international career successfully.

Studies in English - online recruitment



Faculty`annual fee

BA in Management full time and online/part-time

BA in Graphics full time

BA in Computer Science full time and online/part-time

MA in Political Science full time and online/part-time

3.100 €
REGISTRATION FEE for non-EU citizens (visa requirement)200 €

EU Citizens and Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldovia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan:

Facultyannual fee

BA in Management full time and online/part-time

BA in Graphics full time

BA in Computer Science full time and online/part-time

MA in Political Science full time and online/part-time

2.790 €
REGISTRATION FEE for non-EU citizens (visa requirement)200 €
REGISTRATION FEE for EU citizens100 €